When I tell people I'm a counsellor and psychotherapist they often say things like I could never do that, I bet you hear some things. I've spent years working with my clients darkest worries, traumas, experiences, feelings of not being good enough, being overwhelmed, lonely, anxious or living with painful relationships and behaviour patterns etc.  Why would I choose to do that? I've faced huge challenges in my life that I've had to work through, I've always been interested in understanding behaviour and psychology and I've trained and worked in many highly respected institutions and organisations to develops the skills and experience to run a successful practice. I'm passionate about helping others on their individual journeys of change, acceptance and of understanding no matter how complex and difficult. Sometimes only a few sessions are needed, sometimes the journey takes a bit longer but I will be there every step of the way.  When we get to where you want to be and we've made that difference, well for me that's why I've got the best job in the world.  If you feel like you are ready to ask some questions or  take that first step then please get in touch, you will be assured a friendly welcome, Julia @ Haven Therapy - Wilmslow Counsellor


Sessions are conducted face to face at the Wilmslow practice or by phone, online via Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp video.



Do you ever find yourself wishing you could be different or change something you feel stuck with?  Have you tried to deal with things on your own but feel like it's not enough? I'm really passionate about helping you to gain the understanding and changes you want in your life and developing better ways of coping.  I am an integrative therapist so the counselling sessions are tailored to you as an individual, a combination of talking therapy, CBT, trauma therapy and theory work to understand and get the changes you want.  I sometimes wish I had a magic wand for my clients but counselling doesn't work like that, it can take time and commitment but I promise to be there, helping you to work through the things you need to and you will always have a friendly and professional service.  I work with adults and young people with a wide range of different issues from not feeling good enough, loneliness and isolation, overwhelmed, trauma, abuse, helplessness, anger, addictions, feeling confused, anxious, stressed, lost, struggling with relationships etc.  If you feel ready to try, please get in touch now to book a session and start working towards realising your goals.  Counselling and psychotherapy sessions are available in Wilmslow or online.

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Are you having difficulties in your relationships or friendships and struggling to make things better?  Do you feel like you're not sure how to get things back on track or even if you want to carry on trying? Do you find yourself in one sided relationships making all the effort or feeling lonely, isolated or disconnected from others or are you wondering whether a relationship is toxic and unhealthy for you? I've got lots of experience helping my clients like you to work through difficulties with family, friendships and relationships. If you want to work on improving the connections and relationships in your life and heal from unhealthy relationships with yourself and others get in touch to book a session.

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It is really important that my clients have a discrete and confidential service and you can be assured of this.  For some clients it may be necessary to provide additional measures to achieve this.  Please get in touch with your preferred requirements and together we can discuss how you can get the help you want.



Do you feel like things feel out of control sometimes? Do you ever get feelings of panic, anxiety, too much stress, pressure, fear or feeling depressed or overwhelmed?  My experience can help you in your daily life to cope with these thoughts and feelings but we will also work towards uncovering why this is occurring in your life.  There are many different ways we can work on this together and achieve the goals you want even if it feels impossible right now.  Sessions are confidential and you will be assured a friendly welcome.

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Life can throw many surprises at us, some good and some not, either way our ability to adapt to situations and changes is really challenged at times.  Sometimes we can feel great like we are in control and things are going well but if this changes we sometimes start behaving in ways that are unhelpful in the long term. Maybe you are concerned about the amount of alcohol you drink, your gambling habits, OCD type rituals or ways you are behaving in order to numb, avoid or cope.  This can sometimes create feelings of worry, anxiety and shame making you feel worse.  You don't have to deal with this alone, get in touch to see how I can help.

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I can help you to gain the tools and techniques to manage your anger.  We can work together to understand why anger is so present in your life and ways to change that going forward. Get in touch to schedule a session.

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I have worked with many clients over the years who have been affected by traumatic events.  Trauma can have a significant impact on your daily life regardless of whether it occured 4 weeks ago or 40 years, whether it was a single event or many.  It can shape the way we think and feel, make us angry, anxious, sad, confused, stressed, make us avoid things and increase our need to use alcohol for example for coping etc.  Sometimes we feel these difficult things but don't always link it to some trauma we have had.  Using the Rewind Trauma Therapy technique which is documented to have a 90% success rate, we will work specifically on your trauma in the safety of the counselling room.  We cannot forget what we have experienced but the aim is to reduce the effects of the trauma and this helps if you have any of the following PTSD, flashbacks, nightmares, anxiety linked to specific things/situations, panic attacks etc.  It is aimed at helping people who have been in accidents, witnesses/been present when traumatic events have happened, abuse - single events or multiple, with phobias and extreme anxiety etc.  
You can book in sessions specifically focused on this, usually 2-6 sessions or along side any counselling we do.
Rewind Therapy is available Free with me for veterans.
I also offer a 25% discount on Rewind Therapy for those in or who are ex emergency services.


"Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step in your life" Anon


If now is the time to make those changes you want then please get in touch.  You can book in a session or free telephone consultation.

-Haven Therapy, Handforth Road, Wilmslow, Sk9 2LU-Haven Therapy, Milton Hall, Deansgate, Manchester. M3 4BQ- Haven Therapy, Picadilly House, Picadilly Gardens, Manchester City Centre 

07507 793882

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  • Face to Face counselling and psychotherapy in Wilmslow for clients in surrounding areas such as Wilmslow, Alderley Edge, Cheadle, Macclesfield, Sale, Knutsford,  Mobberley etc.

  • Online Counselling & Telephone Counselling sessions are also available.  This provides flexibility for those with changeable home/work schedules and for those needing a combination of face to face and distance sessions.

  • I offer flexible Day, Evening & Weekend Counselling Services.

  • Sessions last for 50 minutes.

  • Counselling in Wilmslow £55

  • Rewind Trauma Therapy- £140 each session, sessions last between 1-2 hrs.  A minimum of 2 sessions to be booked 2 weeks apart.

  • When additional requirements are needed e.g for the purposes of enhanced discretion please get in touch to discuss your needs and a bespoke service can be provided.

  • I am a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)

  • I am fully professionally qualified and registered counsellor and psychotherapist.  


  • Dip Therapeutic Counsellor

  • Certified Supervisor with Manchester Institute of Psychotherapy

  • BSc (Hons) Psychology.

  • Specialist Rewind Trauma Therapist

  • I have a clear DBS form (Disclosure & Barring Service) and I am fully insured.


I work with young people, couples, families and adults providing counselling, psychotherapy and support services.
I also work with high profile clients who may require a more bespoke service.  
I can work face to face or remotely with you, this can be helpful to keep consistency if you have a busy changeable schedule and cannot always attend in person.
I provide counselling and psychotherapy services with employment assistance programs (EAPs), workplaces & staff.
Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


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