It is really important that you feel confident and safe to attend appointments at Haven Therapy. 
In addition to Online and phone sessions, Face to face sessions are available if you feel this is essential for your mental health.  In order for us to have face to face sessions I have carried out a comprehensive Covid 19 Risk Assessment. I have taken the following steps to reduce risks where I can and provide you with a safe place for us to work together. 
Please take note of the following prior to your sessionand feel free to ask me any questions you may have in advance. By attending the session it will be taken that you have the read the following and you are comfortable with the steps I have taken and that I have done all I can to reduce the risk. - I am able to work with clients face to face as I have completed a comprehensive Covid 19 Risk Assessment. I have taken into consideration the current guidance provided by the Government, my insurers and my membership body the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. My aim is for us to be able to work in as safe an environment as possible together. - Do not attend a session if you are experiencing Covid 19 symptoms. Covid symptoms include; a new continuous cough, a high temperature or a loss of, or change in, your normal sense of taste or smell (anosmia). Please observe the current Government guidance if you have any symptoms or have been in contact with anyone with symptoms. If you have symptoms and wish to still have your session we can do this via telephone or online. If you live in an area with localised lockdown please wear a facemask to your session unless you are exempt as per government guidelines or consider an online session. - If you consider yourself to be vulnerable to Covid 19, sessions are always available online or via telephone as an alternative. To switch from face to face to online or phone please notify me 2 hours prior to your appointment confirming whether you want your appointment to take place via Skype, WhatsApp video, Phone or Zoom. - If I develop any symptoms of Covid 19 I will notify you, please let me know if you develop symptoms and we have had a recent session. -If I am asked to provide details of who I have been in contact with by the relevant authorities I will provide your details but I will not disclose the capacity in which we have had contact so the counselling will still be confidential. - I will not be wearing a face covering/shield or mask but if you wish to do so please feel free to being your own and wear it in the session. - When we enter the counselling room the door will be opened and closed for you to avoid anyone else touching door handles.- Hand sanitiser is provided in the room for you to use as you wish. - Appointments are spaced out with longer periods between different clients attending and the room will be aired and cleaned as required. - If you wish to have the window open during the session please let me know at any time. Whilst the counselling room is sound proofed and it is highly unlikely our sessions will be audible due to the room location I cannot guarantee soundproofing with the windows open. - Seating is arranged at an appropriate distance.- Tissues are available and boxes will be wiped down after client use with sanitising wipes. If you prefer to bring your own please feel free to do so. - Please feel free to bring your own drink if you wish. - Please attend your appointment on your own. - Please arrive on time for your appointment and leave immediately afterwards. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with me. I hope you will be feel assured that I have done all I can to reduce the risk in our sessions. Please see for the latest updates.